When you just can't stomach the BS anymore.

I Know You Are Butts What Am I?

Name calling is one of the first ways we learn how to irritate another person. It isn’t as painful as a punch in the gut or a smack in the head … Continue reading

March 23, 2012 · 2 Comments

Assisted Loving

Sports Illustrated Classic was on in the day room. Frank sat down to watch some hockey highlights, but all they showed was a clip of Wayne Gretzky saying, “You miss 100% of … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Cougar

I rock skinny jeans because I am known at 24 Hour Fitness as a CardiHo. I color my hair because blonds shouldn’t get to have all the fun. I bleach my … Continue reading

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Things To Do In The Shower

Evidently there are people who don’t know what goes on in the bathroom. This is a surprise to those of us who have dealt with a lot of crap. It … Continue reading

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No Shirt-No Shoes-No Problem. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who can’t tolerate sarcasm glazed humor. If you are prone to allergic knee-jerk reactions or hypoglycemic … Continue reading

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What Bugs Us

The word casual has done for sex what the word leisure did for suit. These words are fine in combination with other words like, casual conversation and leisure time, but … Continue reading

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Don’t like your kid’s music, friends, clothes, piercings, attitude, sleep schedule, tattoos and general childish behavior? Feel like you’re texting to a brick wall? Tired of being eaten out of … Continue reading

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