When you just can't stomach the BS anymore.

Spambot Smackdown

Why hasn’t someone come up with a way to fix the shit we need to have fixed? We’ve got all these laws and we still need people to make more laws, really? I think I have a handle on what’s best for my body, my family and my life. No law has been created yet that can stop people who want to be deadbeats, jerks, buttholes or murderous psychopaths. We don’t need more laws; we need some kind of damn spam zapper, and none of that three strikes shit either. We need a one and done super-sonic laser-pingback that fires a shit storm at spammers so they never ever do it again. That’s what we really need.

I’m not sure how to implement it, but I bet there’s an over-educated, over-sexed, hot-shot wise-ass out there who can do it. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. HTML looks something like this:

What do ya think? Am I on the right track or should I go to ITT tech for a few semesters?


What's it gonna be? The chicken or the chicken?

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