When you just can't stomach the BS anymore.

What Bugs Us

The word casual has done for sex what the word leisure did for suit. These words are fine in combination with other words like, casual conversation and leisure time, but enough already with using casual and sex together. Do it, have it, enjoy it. The rest of us don’t care. We don’t need to know what you do or how you do it. Your jacktivities do not matter to the world at large. Do your job. If you prepare food or perform surgery, wash your hands before you do your job. That is really the only personal choice any of the rest of us care to know you make. Stop bugging us with your constant need for acceptance. We don’t need to be convinced that your behavior is okay. We have our own ups and downs to keep us busy and we’re satisfied with occasional sex.

What's it gonna be? The chicken or the chicken?

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