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2012 Pet Poetry Grand Slam

Pet lovers are multiplying like rabbits. If you don’t have one, you know at least forty-seven other people who can’t go on vacation without asking you to come over and walk the dog or clean out the litter box. Why not? You have nothing better to do. Buster only needs to go out twice a day and you do live nearby so sure – why not. Oh, and he will need his thyroid pill. Just wrap it a meatball treat. If he won’t eat it, just shove it in his mouth. He sometimes gags and if his canine teeth happen to puncture your finger, there is some Neosporin in the bathroom. Feel free to help yourself. Some pets do require more care than others, what with their reproductive tendencies and hyper-sensitivities.

If your pet has that something special or you know someone whose pet has made an impression you, what they need is an opportunity to share their special gift. RCD to the rescue! We have a new page called Pet Poetry Slam. Check it out. Your pet doesn’t know what Slam is? Does your pet think they are too old to learn a new trick? No problem. We have provided a guide and some examples on the page to get you started. Your pet may need some help with spelling, no need to worry about punctuation, it’s poetry for goddsake, not multiplication. Oh wait, they do know how to do that don’t they, nevermind. Give your pet the free gift of expression. They will love you for it.


What's it gonna be? The chicken or the chicken?

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