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2012 Pet Poetry Grand Slam

Pet lovers are multiplying like rabbits. If you don’t have one, you know at least forty-seven other people who can’t go on vacation without asking you to come over and … Continue reading

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Man Overboard

Do you need a reason to do what’s right for you? So you’re soft in the middle. So what? If you don’t want to be soft in the middle, do … Continue reading

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The Bender

The hardest time of year to be on a diet is summer. Vacations and backyard cookouts are no place for protein shakes! Boil some hot dogs in beer and onions then pop … Continue reading

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Smelly Saboteur

It stinks if you only eat asparagus, boiled eggs, cooked cabbage and canned tuna. Really, it stinks! One day someone will remake the Alfred Hitchcock movie Saboteur, but it will be … Continue reading

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Who You Callin’ Chicken?

This aint no food blog, but in honor of Mother’s Day we thought we’d share a recipe and give readers a chance to join us for a little game we … Continue reading

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Feeling Froggy

She may be stupid, but she’s got a good memory.

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Erroneous Food Facts

Eggs are good. Eggs are bad. No, wait, eggs are good. Alcohol is bad. Well, wine is good. Okay then, caffeine is bad. Wrong again, caffeine is so good we … Continue reading

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Spambot Smackdown

Why hasn’t someone come up with a way to fix the shit we need to have fixed? We’ve got all these laws and we still need people to make more … Continue reading

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